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Attention Wordpress Users: Would You Like to Design a Wordpress Website Quickly And Easily On Your Local PC And Deploy To The Web In A Few Simple Steps?

Dear Instant WordPress User,

I created Instant WordPress back in 2007 so that my WordPress students could just get on with learning how to use WordPress, rather than getting bogged down in how to install WordPress.

Instant WordPress solved many of the problems a WordPress user will face in learning how to use WordPress. It provides an easy to use WordPress experience out of the box.

But even so  – my students kept asking:

  • How do you get a website designed in Instant WordPress onto the web?
  • How do you get a live website into Instant WordPress for testing?

Existing WordPress Migration Solutions Did Not Work

I searched the market for existing solutions to moving and migrating WordPress websites into Instant WordPress.

The main things I found were

  • They were expensive.
  • In some cases they were complicated and difficult to use.
  • They did not work on Windows using Instant WordPress making them useless for my students.

However, with some more research, I discovered that the WordPress world has changed.

It is now possible to for you deploy to and from Instant WordPress onto the web using only free, open source tools.  

It will only take you a few simple steps.


An Easy Solution to Deploying to and from
Instant WordPress

This is why I have written Instant WordPress Unleashed –  a step by step guide for deploying websites using Instant WordPress.

Using the techniques from Instant WordPress Unleashed  you will be able to do the following

  • Design your website on your own Windows machine and duplicate your entire Instant WordPress installation onto a web server in a few minutes, quickly and easily.
  • Take a snapshot of a live WordPress website and duplicate it in Instant WordPress to test it for WordPress upgrades.
  • Design a WordPress website  in Instant WordPress and clone it multiple times across the web.
  • Give your clients a “training sandbox” of their live WordPress site in Instant WordPress so that can learn how to use WordPress without damaging their live website.
  • Clone your live WordPress website for use in presentations and exhibitions in places where you don’t know if there will be Internet access.
  • Learn how to secure a migration from Instant WordPress from hacking.
  • Carry around a full professional WordPress development environment on a USB key.

With over 80 pages of content, Instant WordPress Unleashed breaks down as below:

  • Chapter 1 – Tools and Tips for  a WordPress Professional
  • Chapter 2 – How To Use Instant WordPress Like A Power User
  • Chapter 3 – How to create an Instant WordPress duplicate of an existing WordPress Website
  • Chapter 4 – How to move an Instant WordPress installation onto the Web
  • Chapter 5 – How to Secure an Instant WordPress installation after moving it onto the Web
  • Chapter 6 – Troubleshooting Your Instant WordPress Migrations
If You Work With WordPress, You Need This

If you use WordPress commercially as a coach or trainer, web designer or theme developer this guide will help you save time in testing and development,  help provide better solutions to your clients and help save you money.

  • The techniques taught in this guide use free open source tools. Competing products for moving WordPress websites can often cost $100 or more.
  • Competing products for moving WordPress websites can be restricted to a certain number of sites. There are no such restrictions on using Instant WordPress to deploy websites. You can use it as often as you wish.
  • No other product in the market allows you to create a copy of your WordPress installation for testing or demonstration. Think how impressed your clients will be to have their very own tailored training environment!

The guide is yours for just $27.00 – less than the price of a Premium WordPress theme 🙂

Please note for EU residents: Quoted price does not include VAT. This will be added at the checkout stage.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

This is a no risk transaction…
I give a 30-day money back guarantee. No quibbles.
If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you will receive a full refund if you contact me within 30 days of the purchase of  this guide.

P.S. I use Instant WordPress most days myself. This website you are reading was designed and developed in Instant WordPress and deployed directly to the web in five minutes.  You will find this guide teaches practical skills like this  – skills from the real world where time costs money.

Get the Instant WordPress Unleashed guide and learn how to work faster and smarter!



I purchased Instant WordPress Unleashed yesterday and had a chance to go through the manual last night. I was really impressed with the step-by-step instructions and how thorough they were.

If you have a WordPress Blog then you need this even if you only use it to backup and restore your websites.

But, there is so much more. I was especially impressed with Chapter 5 - How to Secure an Instant WordPress installation after moving it onto the Web. This alone was worth the price and it will work for any WordPress installation."


"After reading through the manual, it was a step by step, lots of illustrations guide. There was a bunch of plug-ins he showed that I've never seen before which I will be using to change out config files and vulnerable areas of the security. Seamus has it laid out pretty easy so anyone can follow along.

I thought I had a pretty good knowledge of WP. I guess I've just been schooled."