InstantWP Beta Available


The first public release of InstantWP 5.0.0-rc5 is now available.
Please note this is a beta release and should only be used for testing to see how it runs!

You can download and unzip the files below for Windows or Mac.

What to do:

  • Unzip the IWP folder somewhere convenient, such as your desktop.
  • On Windows start InstantWP by double-clicking on Start-InstantWP.bat
  • On macOS, start InstantWP by double-clicking on Start-InstantWP.
  • A command window will open and start the web-server. Once this is complete the GUI will open.




Download InstantWP-5.0.0-rc5 for macOS

Download InstantWP-5.0.1-rc5 for Windows


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Your email will not be used for any marketing purposes. The only emails sent to this list will be about new InstantWP 5 releases. The list will be retired after the beta program is complete.

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