Your local WordPress Installation

Developing and testing WordPress websites can be very time consuming if you are using a distant web server as a development machine. The time that FTPing up and down small changes to PHP files and CSS tweaks can be enormous.

But there are other reasons why using a local WordPress development environment also makes sense.

Instant WordPress was originally developed for a class in blogging and WordPress development that I was teaching in 2007. The classroom did not have great internet access and as a result, not everyone could use the net at once. I decided to see if I could get WordPress into a simple enough form so that even a beginner could use it, without taking up huge amounts of time in class configuring Apache and PHP.

After a few rough versions, I eventually came up with a really easy to use local WordPress installation. The class were delighted and it was then I saw the true novelty and usefulness of having a local WordPress development environment. Freed from the clutter and annoyance of needing the internet all the time, the students in my class instead concentrated on getting their websites looking and working great. They did not have to worry about being slowed down by an FTP client and they knew that they could not break anything as the website they were working on could only be seen by them!

The best thing was that they all got to bring their work home and show it to their families and work colleagues. A few people actually got quite a bit of kudos in work as they were now a ‘web designer’!

So there you go, using Instant WordPress can make you more popular 🙂