What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system for blogs and websites.

You can find out more at the WordPress website.


What is Instant WordPress?

Instant WordPress is a version of WordPress that runs on your own Windows machine so that you can learn, test and develop WordPress websites quickly and easily.


What does Instant WordPress do?

Instant WordPress wraps an entire web server into a simple to use interface so that you can start, stop and use WordPress very easily.


So Instant WordPress can host my website?

No! Instant WordPress is only for testing and development! You will need a web hosting account with WordPress installed to get your website onto the internet.


So how do I move a website from Instant WordPress to a web server on the internet?

You can find out more in our guide for Instant WordPress Power Users.


Can I install Instant WordPress more than once?

Absolutely! We suggest you keep the initial Instant WordPress setup file somewhere safe and install it as many times as needed. You can even use a different install for different projects. Just rename the folder that Instant WordPress is in. Only one installation of Instant WordPress will run at once though. You can install it as many times as you wish, but each site will not run when another site is running.


Will Multisite work on Instant WordPress?

I don’t support Multisite on Instant WordPress – it has never worked properly as the dynamic server disallows multisite.


Will Instant WordPress work on a Mac?

Version 4.5 is the current production version and only runs on Windows.
However, there is a beta version for v5.0.0 that runs on a Mac.
You can try that if you wish – it should be fully released in a little while:



I cannot delete or move Instant WordPress! Help!

Sometimes Instant WordPress does not shut down properly in the background. If this happens, you will need to reboot your machine to delete or move the Instant WordPress files.


How do I put WordPress on a USB key?

Simple – just install Instant WordPress onto the USB key and it will run as usual.


Every time I try to install, the Instant WordPress Control Panel comes up blank and says program is not responding. Any suggestions?

You can try some of the following

– Try temporarily disabling your Windows Firewall and/or your anti virus or security software and see if that helps.
– You should also try running Instant WordPress with administrator privileges. See here for more details.
– Try changing the compatibility settings for the instantwp.exe executable. See here for more details.
– Sometimes IWP will not work if the folder path is too long. Try moving it.
– Some users have tried running IWP from the Windows or Program Files subdirectory. This may work or you may get permission problems. Try running IWP from the desktop is this happens.


HELP! I upgraded WordPress inside IWP and now I am getting an error about the wp-native-dashboard plugin! Nothing is working!

The WP Native Dashboard is installed in IWP by default. Sometimes this may cause issues with upgrades. If this happens just delete the wp-native-dashboard folder from


Then restart IWP. This should get rid of the error. You can always download and install a new version of WP Native Dashboard afterwards if you wish.


HELP! I tried to upgrade the IWP WordPress version from the WordPress Dashboard. I am getting an error “Download failed.: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK”. The upgrade has not worked, what can I do?

This error is happening because some of the WordPress SSL root certificates have been updated and not yet added to IWP.

You can fix this error in two ways:

– Download and install the upgrade manually.

– Download the temporary plugin to fix the problem from below:


Save the plugin to your desktop, install it using the “Upload” choice from the Plugins–>Add New menu in the WordPress Dashboard.
Alternatively, unzip the folder and copy the plugin manually into the WordPress Plugins folder.
Please note this plugin will turn off SSL checks in the upgrade process and hence is less secure.
However, you can mitigate this problem by deactivating and removing the plugin once you have upgraded.

A permanent fix to this issue will be made available.


When I use Duplicator plugin to duplicate from local to hosted environment I get a fail… It is giving an error “the PHP MySQLi extension is required”. How can I fix this?

This is a problem with the php.ini config file in some versions.
You can get this to work adjusting the settings in the IWP php.ini file in the folder:


The settings are:


Change these to the lines below and restart IWP:



I just download Instant WordPress and it is asking what program to open it up. What did I do wrong?

The download is a self extracting exe – you should not need anything extra to open it.
You should end up with a file called InstantWP_XX.exe in your downloads folder (where XX is the version number).
Double clicking on this should open the setup program.


I downloaded your program on the recommendation of a friend and after unpacking the exe file to a local hard drive, I run the instantwp.exe file and get an error telling me this program cannot display the webpage. Any ideas? I seem to have done the install as per the FAQ?

Try temporarily turning off your anti-virus product and see if that helps.


I finally got IWP installed but it will not open – it is giving me the error “%1 is not a valid win32 application”. Help!

Try removing any spaces in the file path to IWP, sometimes this can help. Or you could try running it directly from the C:\ drive as in C:\instantwp or similar.


When using Instant WordPress to add content to my WordPress site, can the file upload limit be raised? I’m tried to upload a file and the limit is 2 MB!

This was a problem in versions of IWP before 4.3 (the limit is now 25MB). But there are still situations where you might want to increase the file upload size…

You may get this to work adjusting the settings in the IWP php.ini file in the folder:


The settings are:


Try putting both of them up to 100m and see if that helps. Just restart Instant WordPress afterwards.


After entering the username “admin” I put a password of my choice and is rejecting it? What’s wrong?

Try ‘admin’ and ‘password’. That is the default IWP login.


When I log in (with admin/password) it takes me to “”. I can’t seem to change that – how to it tell it to go to my live WordPress site?

IWP is working as designed – it is just a local copy of WP on your machine.

I have written an ebook about using IWP to import / export your website if you are interested.

You don’t need to buy it, but it might be useful. Have a look here – http://www.instantwp.com/unleashed/


Am I logging into my live WordPress website through IWP?

IWP knows nothing about your live WordPress website, they are completely separate unless you have exported your website into IWP.
IWP is just a test version that runs on your local machine.


How can I get Instant WordPress to open in a browser other than Internet Explorer, such as Firefox or Chrome?

You can do this by adjusting the setting in the IWP server config file – pms_config.ini.

You can find this file in the IWP folder at iwpserver/pms_config.ini

You will find the line below setting the BrowserPath variable in the Browser section of the config file:

BrowserPath= ../system/InstantWP_GUI.exe

Change this to something like below, to the path of your favourite browser:

BrowserPath= “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”


Yesterday I migrated a live server to IWP. Before I did this I changed the URL in the live site WordPress Dashboard from the actual live URL to the IWP URL. Now I can’t login as the site in IWP is forwarding me to the live site. What is wrong?

The problem might be that the website you migrated still has a reference to the live site URL.

I use the plugin below to reset any URLs when this happens:



I will be designing my site but also will be writing my own content. What is the easiest way to do the latter? Do I have to write stuff in Word for example and than type it into a WordPress page as I go along? Or is there an easier way?

I recommend either just using the WordPress editor or a free tool from MS called Windows Live Writer, it is free and really great:


You can also use Word to if you wish:



Hi, I’m totally new to WordPress and I want to install a theme. When I click on the theme, I get a bunch of PHP files. Where do I start? What file do I access first, and how to I employ this theme?

A WordPress theme is just a bunch of php files. Normally it is transported as a zip file.
To install it in IWP. just unzip the folder and place the folder into the Themes folder (the one that opens from the Themes button).
It should appear in the WordPress admin section once you refresh it.

The following link might help:



My theme does not work in IWP! Help?

Take a quick look at my list of things to check at http://www.wpmentor.net/checklist/
This will help with some things…

Most of the time it is not IWP causing the problem 🙂 It is just WordPress after all. If you head over to the theme developers support forum at they should be able help.


I’m working on building a website using InstantWP. Everything worked fine until recently. When I open WordPress Admin, I would get a “500 Internal Server Error”. Please help us resolve this!??

This is usually the result of a plugin or theme gone bad!
I would remove all the plugins one by one (by removing the folder from wp-content/plugins) and see if you can login then.


Is there a way to easily delete the dummy data?

You can remove the dummy data using this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bulk-delete/


How do I remove the extra links that were added in Version 4.3 (links to the FAQ etc)?

Simple – just change the setting show_additional_buttons in the IWP folder system\config\iwp.ini as below:

show_additional_buttons = “0”


How do I access my IWP website from a different machine?

First – to use IWP as a website from another machine…
You need to find the name of the computer running WordPress – the link below will help:


For instance, if the computer is called SBPC, then the address for WordPress will be:


In other words, you will substitute the ‘’ portion of the URL for the computer name.

You may need to open a port in the Windows Firewall if this does not work – this would be port 4001 normally.
The link below will help:


The only thing to caution you about is that IWP is *not* designed for public facing websites. There is no password on the MySQL database for instance.


Who is behind Instant WordPress?

Seamus Brady, a software developer from Dublin, Ireland is the creator of Instant WordPress.

His company is called Corvideon.

You can find out more about Seamus at http://www.seamusb.com